About Us

For the past 10 years, I’ve developed data and analytics solutions to help companies understand their customers, improve the product, and grow the business in virtually every industry: healthcare, IoT, fashion, hospitality, internet and social networks, finance, media & entertainment, online advertising and market research and online advertising. I’ve collaborated with companies of all shapes and size; from 1-person start-ups to international corporations.

I saw the same challenge across the board: by the time a company decided to make data-driven decisions, it was hard/impossible to do so: either the necessary information wasn’t there or it would cost millions of dollars.

I started Kukuyeva Consulting to guide early-stage SaaS start-ups through the challenges and rewards of starting and growing a data-driven business. Whether you’re drowning in data or have no data yet, I'll work with you to help you understand your customers better and prioritize product features, so that you can grow a loyal customer base, improve your product and scale the business.

I'll help you figure out what data your platform is missing, advise on infrastructure, collaborate to develop KPIs specific to your business, and help you implement and iterate on analytics/ML/AI to help you actually make the decisions based on data. This way, from the very beginning, customer value and product iterations are evaluated through the lens of what’s in the data, to help prioritize and re-prioritize initiatives, make the product more valuable for customers and investors, and grow the business.

I’d like to help you achieve your mission by making every aspect of your business data-driven. Are you in?

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