About Us

I founded Kukuyeva Consulting to guide start-ups through the challenges and opportunities of starting and growing a business with product market fit -- by leveraging data and avoiding very costly mistakes I’ve seen Fortune 500 companies make time and time again.

It’s impossible to get insights from data you didn’t collect. When I was at a top consulting firm, my colleagues and I executed multi-year -- multi-million dollar -- digital transformations to help Fortune 500 companies begin making decisions based on data.

  • One of our clients was a major retailer who struggled to target their repeat customers -- because they only tracked purchases, not customers.

You've spent time and money to develop your product and market it, to get prospects to your door. Do you know who's going inside and what your customers are doing once they get there? How are they using your product/platform/hardware?

  • Whether you’re drowning in data or have no data yet, we'll evaluate what data and infrastructure you may be missing to answer these questions (and others). We'll track positive and negative KPIs specific to your business, and implement and iterate on analytics/ML/AI to help you actually make the decisions based on data -- to make the product more sticky and profitable.

Do you need an expert to guide you? For the past 10 years, I've collaborated with companies of all shapes and sizes, from solopreneurs to international corporations, to refine their product market fit by making data-driven decisions about the business. I’ve helped companies leverage data to understand their customers, improve the product, and scale the business in virtually every industry: IoT, fashion, hospitality, internet and social networks, healthcare, finance, market research and online advertising, including:

    • Reduced product risk and increased revenue streams for therapeutic device start-up by advising founders to scope down offering from smart apparel to HaaS

    • Developed and implemented novel performance metrics to evaluate quality of network connectivity for online gaming start-up with terabytes of data

    • Identified areas of missed revenue opportunities that also reduced customer churn for fashion subscription box from 10K+ customer reviews

I have a PhD in Statistics from UCLA, where I developed a novel image compression algorithm and found similarities between two storms on Jupiter -- a finding confirmed by NASA’s Juno mission 6 years later.

I’d like to help you achieve your mission -- and refine your product market fit -- by making every aspect of your business be data-driven. Are you in?

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