10 data strategy reasons you don't have PMF

Think of the following as a (long-term, non-trivial) data roadmap for your company, to help you improve product market fit by helping you make data-driven decisions about your customers and product.

  1. Does the initiative answer a key business question?

  2. Are there data gaps/integrity issues? Are you using the right (SQL/noSQL) database for the task?

  3. Not democratizing access to data

  4. No baselines for KPIs

    • What's your customers' retention window? Engagement? (16 others)

  5. Not tracking positive and negative KPIs

  6. No testing environment for customer session understanding.

    • Are you able to re-create and debug a customer's checkout session?

  7. No testing environment for product iteration

    • Are you able to gradually roll-out the next version of your platform to customers?

  8. Missing framework for product A/B testing

    • Are you able to compare performance of current and proposed (new) version release, as it rolls out to more and more customers?

    • Do you have control and hold-out groups?

  9. No prioritization of initiatives

  10. Not including employees that work with data into key meetings

  11. (Bonus) What is you culture around (data-driven) product support?

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Keywords: Product market fit, data strategy, customer understanding, data products, iterative development

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