Kukuyeva Consulting

  • Advised CEO and Engineering team of hospitality start-up on how to close gaps in company’s data collection pipeline for tracking customer service requests; quarterly advising and code reviewing analytics initiatives in Python
  • Minimized oil rig equipment failure and future potential crises by predicting when oil rig needs maintenance, from IoT sensors for manufacturing company via Elastic Nets in Python on AWS EC2
  • Increased GPS accuracy for point-of-interest detection system in IoT mobile devices by 15% for mobile market research start-up by leveraging Google API and Boosted Trees in Python
  • Pioneered an automated framework to perform end-to-end cohort retention analysis of CPG client’s 10 years of purchase history to run in 10 minutes, for consultancy start-up via pySpark and SparkSQL in Databricks notebook

Children's Hospital Los Angeles

  • Oversaw all data science initiatives at CHLA’s Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine Department, collaborating on papers and non-pharmaceutical clinical trials
  • Collaborated with CEO and Chief Medical Officer to evaluate and improve existing healthcare quality metrics, sharing findings with physicians and nurses of 100+ US hospitals
  • Invented a Novel Feature Engineering Approach for Healthcare Data for unequally-spaced, age-dependent patient vitals, for predicting out-of-sample outcomes with 8% more accuracy; presented at MUCMD
  • B. Markovitz, I. Kukuyeva, G. Soto-Campos, R. Khemani. (2015) PICU Volume and Outcome: A Severity-Adjusted Analysis. Critical Care Medicine. Nov 2015; Vol 43(12).
  • A. DeMarco, T. Nguyen, T. Weiler, R. Amirnovin, I. Kukuyeva. (2015) Inter-rater reliability of Peripheral Perfusion Assessments in Neonates after Cardiac Surgery. Critical Care Medicine. Nov 2015; Vol 43(12).
  • J. Williams, J. Casse-Echeandia, D. Ghosh, I. Kukuyeva, N. Sanchez-Pinto, R. Wetzel. Exploratory Analysis for Patient Similarity from ICU Data. Poster session presented at: Meaningful Use of Complex Meaningful Data (MUCMD) 2015. Saban Auditorium, Los Angeles. 8 Aug. 2015.
  • I. Kukuyeva. Statistical Consulting: Improving Care in Pediatric ICUs. CHLA/ISD Symposium. 2015. Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Los Angeles. 16 Jan. 2015.

Ipsos Science Center

  • Generated $4M+ annually across 1.5K+ global studies and multiple CPG clients, by leading development of an end-to-end R/shiny app, for estimating causal structure and strength of key drivers of CPG purchases
  • M. Egner, I. Kukuyeva, R. Timpone. Casual Search, Bootstrap Aggregation and Bayesian Networks: An Application to the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry. 20th ASA/IMS Spring Research Conference (SRC 2013) on Statistics in Industry and Technology. UCLA, Los Angeles. 21 Jun. 2013.

UCLA Statistical Consulting Center