Referral Fee options

Thank you for thinking of me -- and for your referral!

As a small token of my appreciation, once the first invoice is paid, I'd like to offer you several options to choose from for your referral fee, valued at 10% of referring client's first paid invoice, up to $599 (which is the IRS maximum for gifts before a 1099 is required).

Let me know which option you would prefer:

  • Referral fee payable to you or the charity of your choice, or

  • 1 bag/box of your favorite coffee/teas, or

  • 1 SnackMagic box of snacks (where you pick the snacks), or

  • 1 of my favorite office and travel accessories, from:

      • Kinesis ergonomical, vertical mouse for right- and left- handed

      • Modoker travel bag that's also a garment bag

      • Roost portable laptop stand

      • VIVO electric high-adjustable standing desk, or

  • 60-minute resume review and feedback session, or

  • If you have a suggestion I should include, please let me know.

Thank you again. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions.