Other community engagements: mentoring, panels, and workshops


Data Professionals

  • I. Kukuyeva. Tips for the Data Scientist: Top 5 Reasons Why Your Data Science Project Didn’t Make It and How to Get It Right the First Time.

  • I. Kukuyeva. Writing your First Testing Suite with pytest for your Machine Learning model.

  • I. Kukuyeva. Examples of Descriptive and Predictive Analysis in R: A Lightening Talk. R-Ladies Meetup. UCLA, Los Angeles. 13 Oct. 2016.

  • I. Kukuyeva. Deep Learning at a Fashion Startup FindMine: A Lightning Talk. DataScience.LA Meetup. Venice, CA. 12 May, 2016.

  • M. Aczon, J. Casse-Echeandia, D. Ghosh, I. Kukuyeva, D. Ledbetter, N. Sanchez-Pinto, R. Wetzel, J. Williams. VPICU Data Science Update. Meaningful Use of Complex Meaningful Data (MUCMD) 2015. Saban Auditorium, Los Angeles. 8 Aug. 2015.

  • J. Williams, J. Casse-Echeandia, D. Ghosh, I. Kukuyeva, N. Sanchez-Pinto, R. Wetzel. Exploratory Analysis for Patient Similarity from ICU Data. Poster session presented at: Meaningful Use of Complex Meaningful Data (MUCMD) 2015. Saban Auditorium, Los Angeles. 8 Aug. 2015.

  • I. Kukuyeva. Statistical Consulting: Improving Care in Pediatric ICUs. CHLA/ISD Symposium. 2015. Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Los Angeles. 16 Jan. 2015.

  • I. Kukuyeva. Principal Component Analysis with Applications in R and Python. ACM Data Science Camp Silicon Valley 2014. eBay Town Hall, San Jose. 25 Oct. 2014.

  • M. Egner, I. Kukuyeva, R. Timpone. Casual Search, Bootstrap Aggregation and Bayesian Networks: An Application to the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry. 20th ASA/IMS Spring Research Conference (SRC 2013) on Statistics in Industry and Technology. UCLA, Los Angeles. 21 Jun. 2013.

  • I. Kukuyeva. Array Component Analysis with Application to Remote Sensing Atmospheric Science Data. Joint Statistical Meetings 2012. San Diego Convention Center, San Diego. 29 Jul. 2012.

  • I. Kukuyeva. Exploratory Data Analysis of Three Mode Atmospheric Science Data. Center for Environmental Statistics. UCLA, Los Angeles. 30 Nov. 2010.

  • I. Kukuyeva. Multivariate Statistical Analysis for Planetary Science. Center for Environmental Statistics. UCLA, Los Angeles. 18 May 2010.

  • I. Kukuyeva. Graphical Exploratory Data Analysis in R: Part I. Los Angeles Area R Users Group. UCLA, Los Angeles. 20 Aug. 2009.

  • I. Kukuyeva, A. Braverman, P. Yanamandra-Fisher, J. de Leeuw, A. Simon-Miller. Multivariate Analysis in Planetary Science: Understanding Jupiter's Atmosphere. Joint Statistical Meetings 2009. Walter E Washington Convention Center, Washington DC. 3 Aug. 2009.

  • I. Kukuyeva. What Can You Do With Statistics? UCLA Statistics Undergraduate Club. UCLA, Los Angeles. 14 Oct. 2008.

  • I. Kukuyeva, J. Wang, Y. Yaglovskaya. Popcorn Popping Yield: An Investigation. Joint Statistical Meetings 2008. Colorado Convention Center, Colorado. 5 Aug. 2008.

  • J. De Leeuw and I. Kukuyeva. Traffic on the I-5, Between Routes 14 and 99. Center for Environmental Statistics. UCLA, Los Angeles. 6 May 2008. Unpublished, 2008.

  • J. Sanchez, I. Kukuyeva. Is there Evidence of Global Warming in April-July Natural River Runoff in California? An Investigation with Time Domain Time Series Methods. Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research 2006. Occidental College, Los Angeles. 18 Nov. 2006.