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10 years of experience helping companies create the right products for their customers and grow, by understanding how your customers are using your product, and then collaborating on ways to improve the product to grow the profitable customer base.

Our product market fit Roadmap

For the past 8+ years, I've helped companies of all shapes, sizes and industries identify how to improve their product to serve their best customers. Regardless of where the company is in the product development journey, there are 4 phases.

Phase 1: Product Scope

  • Are you creating the right product for your customers right now? We'll discuss what customer pain points your product solves and how to incrementally solve them.

Phase 2: Data Strategy

  • You can't get insights from data you don't have.

  • Do you know how your customers are (or will be) using your product/platform/hardware? Whether you’re drowning in data or have no data yet, we'll evaluate what data and infrastructure you may be missing to answer these questions (and others).

Phase 3: Business Metrics

  • Do you know who your best customers are right now? Historically? We'll track your OMTM and the positive and negative KPIs specific to your business, to see what's going on in your business, where to improve, and what to focus on to keep customers coming back.

Phase 4: Product Improvement​

  • Do you know what makes your product engaging and profitable? ​We'll iterate on your product based on your customers' activity, to help you create products that customers care about, to help your company grow.

Putting it all together: Recent talk on systematizing product market fit through understanding customer engagement at the Alley Tech for Good Accelerator and blog post.

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