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Regardless of where you are in the product development journey (or how much/little data you have), as a fractional Chief Data Officer, I'll help you get started using data to understand your customers to improve your product market fit and grow.

YOur product market fit Roadmap

For the past 10 years, I've helped companies of all shapes, sizes and industries identify how to improve their products, make data-driven decisions, and serve their best customers.

You can't get insights from data you didn't collect. I know what it takes to create the strategy, execution plans and collaboration of (business and technical) leadership teams necessary to improve your product in the face of rapidly changing customer preferences. With my technical background, I also help with implementation.

Depending on what you'd like to see accomplished, we'll tailor to your business needs and your customers, to help your company grow:

  • Implement/iterate on a scalable data-driven strategy, whether you’re drowning in data/reports, have no data yet, or don't know how to get started.

  • We'll help your product solve your customers' pain points -- and align customer and product incentives.

  • Your customers come first. Uncover who your best customers are -- and how to keep them coming back again and again.

  • Interim Head of Data (fractional) services, filling-in the gaps on your team, with expertise in hiring, product and business strategy, implementation, code reviews, and training.

Are you ready to improve your product -- and need an expert to guide you on strategy and implementation? Schedule a complimentary, 30-minute, NDA-free strategy session to see if there's a fit.

Testimonial from Chris Hovanessian, CEO of Whistle

"Irina is a highly skilled and knowledgeable fractional CDO, whose capabilities and insight surpass any other individual we’ve engaged with. Out of all the candidates we interviewed and worked with, Irina immediately stood out and far exceeded our expectations. She is flexible to work with, across all fronts, including: time commitment, level of involvement, and project scope.

Irina has helped us ‘make sense’ of our data, and we have made better product and business decisions as a result. She has also provided our team with a wealth of knowledge; she helped us learn and become proficient along the way."

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