About ME

My passion is to help you avoid mistakes others make, to help you move faster by doing less (!). One mistake I see companies make time and time again, is forgetting that:

You can't get insights from data you didn't collect. 

I love learning about what gets customers excited about products from the data we collect about them. But you can't get insights from data you didn't collect.

When I was in management consulting, I saw time and time again, by the time a company had $2M+ to hire the firm, they were so far behind on their data journey. My colleagues and I executed multi-year -- multi-million dollar -- digital transformations to help them begin making near-real time decisions based on data for the very first time. 

I'm here to help you get started earlier -- and avoid these costly mistakes. I founded Kukuyeva Consulting to meet you where you are -- no company/data too small -- and the earlier the better! -- to guide you on improving your product market fit by getting started/improving on your data/AI strategy to help you understand how your customers are using your product(s), to help you identify the most valuable and loyal customer base -- burning "white hot", to improve your product and scale the business -- and avoid very costly mistakes I’ve seen companies make time and time again

You've spent time and money to develop your product and market it, to get prospects to your door. Do you know who's going inside and what your customers are doing once they get there?  Do you need an expert to guide you? 

For the past 10 years, I've helped companies of all shapes and sizes (from solopreneurs to international corporations) start from the very beginning, and refine their product market fit in virtually every industry: IoT, fashion, hospitality, internet and social networks, healthcare, finance, market research and online advertising, including:

Do you need someone in the interim -- or to help you hire? I've managed global, remote-first teams and been interviewing candidates since 2012. Happy to talk more.

Do you need someone who's vendor-agnostic? I've seen it all, and am happy to learn more about your needs and challenges, and discuss the pros and cons of different implementations.

My Competitive Advantage

I'd like to help you achieve your mission and improve your product. 

Fun Fact: I have a PhD in Statistics from UCLA, where I developed a novel image compression algorithm and uncovered similarities between two storms on Jupiter -- a finding confirmed by NASA’s Juno mission 6 years later.

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