Do's and Don'ts of Legal Contracts 

Published in May 2023

Please raise your hand if you run your own business or have your own start-up.

While I’m not a lawyer – but a consultant who runs her own business – I do spend about a third of my time navigating and negotiating these contracts, with the help of a lawyer. 

For start-ups (and small businesses) that are starting out, or who are trying to make their runway last as long as possible, legal advice seems like a luxury that can be cut. I’m here to tell you otherwise – along with what else to watch out for, when drafting/evaluating contracts, so that we all spend less time on legal fees and more time collaborating.


Why do we need contracts?







Hope this helps you save time and money the next time you're collaborating on a contract with a prospective client, employee and/or lawyer! Good luck!