advice from Due Diligence of 25+ Pitch Decks

Advice for Aligning Product, Technology and AI in your Pitch Deck Story

Post was originally published in July 2022, and updated in October + December 2022, March 2023

I help VC firms evaluate alignment between how SaaS (software-a-a-service) or HaaS (hardware-as-a-service) start-ups solve their customers’ pain points with their products, align incentives on product and pricing, and how they use technology and (where applicable) AI to do so. As I review pitch decks, here’s what I look for.

First, we need to understand the goal of a pitch deck. It won't get you a check, but it may get you a meeting.

Due diligence is one such meeting, where the end goal may be either get you to the next meeting, get you to an intro, to get you to the next due diligence meeting, etc. Before I start, I find out what the (high-level) end goal is of due diligence, and work backwards from there. 



Technology and Infrastructure


Parting Advice

Now you know what you need to improve; good luck!

You're not hearing yeses from investors and you need advice on how to align incentives, what‘s not clear or what can be improved. I'd love to support you; please feel free to schedule this flat-fee session with me

Good luck!

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