dear Advisor: should i PIVOT?

Or what is "Build, measure, learn"?

Eric Ries first introduced the idea of making incremental, small changes to your product to get feedback faster -- with 3 steps to iterative learning he called the "build-measure-learn" cycle. A cycle to try before investing too much money into the idea, in his book The Lean Startup

Based on my 10 years of experience collaborating with companies of all shares, sizes and industries, I've come to see the cycle as having 11 more specific steps. These steps define an iterative process that you can use at any stage of your product development to help you uncover customer frustrations and fix them, as soon as possible -- and help you decide on what to do next, before overhauling your product and business model.

9. Share experiment selectively, to a small % of the ideal audience see what you’ve built

10. Measure and monitor results of experiment

11. Learn from experiment to decide next steps: