Part 1: VC-Facing Mistakes

Whether you’re considering fundraising -- or are in the middle of it, if you make these mistakes, you may miss out on fundraising opportunities.

Business Operations

Can't be LLC or sole proprietor if you're planning to issue equity at some point.


Virtually every start-up I’ve worked with has made at least one of these mistakes (!); it prompted me to rethink how I do strategy calls (and how a whole blog post about this). After incorrect company structure, this may be the next biggest cause of losing out on funding – and, as a result, seems to be my soapbox when I’m collaborating with start-ups.

Both of these clauses will help the LOI move more quickly through the approval process.


Please see this blog post on to help you better understand How long will Fundraising take? (or) 8 Steps you Need to Know to Fundraise Successfully -- and try out recommendations to avoid the most common pitfalls.

Pitch Decks

For the most common mistakes founders make when it comes to pitch decks, please my advice in these two blog posts: