Dear Advisor: how do I Meet investors?

September 2023

I hear you! This is especially true for those of us who are first-time founders – and feel like we don’t have that investor network. 

I’ll share the (free or relatively low-cost) ways that I’ve been meeting investors with the goal of building relationships, before offering to mentor their start-ups, sending them deal flow, or working together on AI due diligence.

I’ll assume you:

Prerequisite: Decide Whom You’d Like to Meet

Do your research to really understand who do you want to meet:

I highly recommend the "LA Venture Podcast" to get to know VCs in the area.

Bonus: Completing this prerequisite will also help you when you fundraise.

Meet VCs Who are Panelists or Judges

Meet VCs through Events Shared in their Newsletters

Newsletters by VCs (or associations), which from time to time will host events for their readers:


We've just solved your cold start problem; good luck!

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