Dear Advisor: How can I hire and retain candidates during the "Great Resignation"?

December 2021, updated April 2022 and May + July 2023

I’ve been recruiting and hiring Data professionals since 2012. To help you stand out for the crowd of companies hiring and backfilling roles during the "Great Resignation", I’m here to share my process, after many lessons learned along the way. 

At one start-up I worked for, we made it our priority to have each candidate go from application to offer in 1 week (!), this included 4 rounds of interviews and a scoped-down take home assignment for entry-level candidates that followed the guidelines I share below. 

We were able to do this after we had a hiring workflow in place, which I outline in Part I below. I'll then share links to (non-affiliated)  job boards in Part II, and advise for retaining candidates in Part III.

Part I: Ahead of Hiring

I’ll preface this section to say that it will take some time to iterate on this section, but once it’s in place, you’ll be able to talk to candidates that are a better fit – and shorten the time it takes between a candidate’s resume submission to getting an offer. 

A. You’d also like to hire and retain more diverse candidates. What’s the context around diversity in your company:

B. Aligning expectations: crafting the job description to attract the right candidates, by addressing the following:

C. Create as unbiased of a hiring process as possible, to help you evaluate what on-boarding and training the candidate will need, to help you fill the gaps on the team as soon as possible

Part II: Hiring

A. You now have the hiring workflow down. Where can you advertise to hire beyond your network?

B. You’re now at the end of the interview process you’ve set out in Part I, you’ve found a great candidate, you’re both on expectations for the role. It’s time to make an offer! I recommend giving the candidate at least a few days to review the written offer of the whole compensation package. 

Part III: Retention

Congratulations on your new hire! There’s many, many resources out there with management and leadership tips. I’ll share some of what’s worked for me.

You got this! 

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