Irina Kukuyeva, Ph.D.

Data Science advisor and consultant helping companies make better data-driven decisions. Mentor to adults that are starting out in tech.

Recent and Upcoming Engagements

Education: University of California, Los Angeles

  • Ph.D. in Statistics
    • Invented a novel image compression algorithm called Tensor Independent Component Analysis (TICA) that reduces the volume and noise in 3D+ data sets.
      • TICA uncovered similarities in temperature gradients between White Oval (captured by the Hubble Space Telescope) and the Great Red Spot on Jupiter; findings confirmed by Juno mission in 2018.
      • TICA can be leveraged in Natural Language Processing (NLP) to better understand word co-occurrence.
  • M.S. in Statistics
  • B.A. and S. in Statistics and Economics, Minor in Mathematics