AI/ML Advice for HealthTech and MedTech Start-ups

December 2023 + January 2024

This article has been adapted from advice I shared on the “Quroba Conversations Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in MedTech” panel, with Brian Dolan, Gary Urban, and Kwame Ulmer, moderated by Evan Tsang, in November 2023. Here is the:

Common Mistakes see HealthTech and MedTech Starts-up Make

3. Trying to integrate with EHRs.

4. For Medtech start-ups, understand the differences between submission types (pre-sub vs 510(k) vs De Novo), and risk types for Software as Medical Device (SaMD) of Class I-III, and the pathways to get the designation.

5. ML/AI model always does better if you include business context in it.

What are some of the most promising applications?

How to decide on whether to use AI/ML in the product?

To help you decide, here are some prerequisites:

Now that we know the end goals for the AI/algorithm, here’s advice on how to get started:

Advice for HealthTech/MedTech Start-ups Looking for Funding

"AI not delivered as a data product leads to hallucinations and nightmares." -- Irina Kukuyeva, PhD

Good luck!

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