Top 3 TIPs to improve your (pre)seed pitch deck today

June, July, October 2023 + January 2024

Having reviewed 100+ pitch decks for VCs, accelerators, and as an advisor and mentor, this year alone (!). I’ve got some/many opinions :) – here, here, and here.

Here are the top 3 mistakes I see the majority of the founders make, time and time again. By fixing just these 3 things today -- your pitch deck will stand out!

Mistake #1: Assuming the audience has Ph.D. or 10+ years of experience in your field

I shared this tip at a panel I spoke at last month on the topic of "Expanding in the US and fundraising, everything you need to know". Yes, I’m flattered :), but I also can’t follow along; so your deck gets low scores and is sidelined.

Signs that the pitch deck is too technical, beyond the (technical) word choices:

My co-panelists had additional advice:

Mistake #2. Solution doesn't tie into current customer habits to solve their pain point(s)

Mistake #3: Forgot to mention milestones you're raising funds to achieve

Bonus Advice: Consider Alternatives to VC Funds

I don’t have to tell you it’s hard to fundraise right now. It’s even harder if you’re fundraising to fund the development of an MVP. Here’s what to try instead:

If you’d love more feedback on your pitch deck, schedule a flat-fee session. Good luck! 

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