Dear Advisor: What should I consider when launching an accelerator?

June 2022, updated July + September 2022

Having mentored 100+ start-ups at many accelerators in California (including Techstars LA, FoundersBoost LA, Alley Tech for Good, Alchemist, 805 start-ups, and CoFoundersLab Startup Accelerator) on product market fit, cross-section of business and technology, data and AI, and taught 1000+ academic and industry professionals on topics in data and AI, I now get asked for insights, advice and tips for those considering launching new accelerators. 

I don't have to tell you that it will all be about trade-offs you can make to achieve the outcome(s) you're aiming for. Here’s what I share with them, to help you better understand what those are.

As an aside, whenever I consider mentoring at a new start-up accelerator/precellerator/incubator, these are also the questions I ask, to help me decide to mentor there, or conclude that I'm not a fit.

#1 Question: What outcomes would you like to see founders accomplish by the end of the accelerator? 



Monetization and Costs


I can’t wait to hear more about your program. If you’re looking for advisors or mentors for the program, please keep me in mind. You know what questions I'll ask :) Good luck! 

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