Success Stories

Phase 1: Create the right product for your customers

    • Reduced product risk and increased revenue streams for therapeutic device start-up by advising founders to scope down offering from smart apparel to HaaS

    • Start-up advisor + mentor to 10+ founders on development and implementation of strategies to evaluate and improve product/market fit based on customer and product understanding, from idea to MVP

Phase 2: Data Audit and Strategy

    • Advised CEO and Engineering team of hospitality start-up on how to close gaps in company’s data collection pipeline for tracking customer service requests; quarterly advising and code reviewing analytics initiatives in Python

    • Prioritized 40+ initiatives in collaboration with executives of major entertainment studio, based on product payoff, timeline to delivery and data availability

    • Spearheaded efforts to standardize data quality workflows for tracking quality of care metrics across two disparate Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems of a major healthcare organization

Phase 3: Uncover who your best performers are right now (and historically)

  • Developed positive and negative KPIs to evaluate quality of network connectivity for online gaming start-up with terabytes of data (220M+ requests/day)

  • Collaborated with CEO and Chief Medical Officer to evaluate and improve existing healthcare quality metrics, sharing findings with physicians and nurses of 100+ US hospitals

  • Collaborated with cross-functional stakeholders on requirements, and created and deployed an end-to-end near-real time recommendation engine for a social media start-up to made product more dynamic, by personalizing advice for improving engagement of social media posts based on content in real time, via AWS SageMaker API, Python, Docker

  • Minimized oil rig equipment failure and future potential crises by predicting when oil rig needs maintenance, from IoT sensors for manufacturing company via Elastic Nets in Python on AWS EC2

  • Increased GPS accuracy for point-of-interest detection system in IoT mobile devices by 15% for mobile market research start-up by leveraging Google API and Boosted Trees in Python

Phase 4: Iterate on making your product more engaging and profitable

  • Identified areas of missed revenue opportunities, by understanding nuances of how customers choose what to buy, for fashion subscription box from 10K+ customer reviews

  • Invented a Novel Feature Engineering Approach for Healthcare Data for unequally-spaced, age-dependent patient vitals, for predicting out-of-sample ICU outcomes with 8% more accuracy; presented at MUCMD

  • Generated $4M+ annually across 1.5K+ market research studies and multiple CPG clients worldwide, by identifying drivers of product performance, by scaling POC that leveraged Bayesian networks

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