Dear Advisor: Can i just survey my customers to help me decide what to build next?

(Or) Why I Don't Recommend NPS Scores

Post originally published in July 2021, updated in October 2022 + May 2023

That’s a great question! I wish my answer was "yes".

At the end of the day, we want to make sure our product is resonating with a profitable and loyal customer base -- burning "white hot", to find product market fit and scale.

I’m assuming you’ve either:

Your question is, what approach(es) can help you decide on which feature to build -- or if you should actually go ahead and do so?

Here's why I don't recommend surveying your customers to gauge interest:

Having said that, here'a another survey that can help you scale:

If you don’t want to survey your customers... 3 (other) ways to hear directly from customers: 

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